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Our Tiling Services


We provide on-site measurement and assessment in order to give you the best practical advice on how to go about installing new tiles in your bathroom.

Hacking Works

We provide complete hacking services of any existing floor and wall finishes in your bathroom in order to prepare the surfaces to receive your new tiles.

Waterproofing Works

We provide professional waterproofing services to wet areas, complying with industry standards and practices to solve ceiling leakage issues.

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Bathroom Finishes

Tiling a bathroom or toilet can have the biggest impact on the outcome of you bathroom. You can either choose contrasting colours or decide to match your floor with wall tiles to achieve a consistent look. Instead, make use of bathroom accessories to add colour to the room.

For smaller bathrooms, it makes sense to keep the tiles the same colour to make the room feel larger visually. Select bright coloured finishes to make the space feel larger.

Choose materials age well, as floor tiles will experience high volume of traffic and consistent dampness.

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Shower area wall tiles

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Classic wood-grained feature wall

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Horizontal subway wall tiles

Larger vs Smaller Tiles

Selecting larger floor tiles makes the surface appear bigger. There will also be less grout lines for dirt to get stuck in, compared to tiny mosaic tiles.

Smaller tiles, on the other hand focuses the eye and adds levels of details that makes the space feel lively and warm. Smaller tiles are also more commonly used in shower areas as they are less resistant to slip.

Overlaying Tiles

If you have an existing tiled bathroom, overlaying new tiles over existing tiles on both floor and walls is also possible. Overlayingwill bring cost savings of around 30% as opposed to hacking, which brings the inconvenience of noise and dust.

However, one needs to survey and check that all doors and fixtures allow for at least 10-15mm allowance for a raise in floor height.

Anti-Slip Floor Tiles

If you happen to have the elderly at home, selecting anti-slip floor tiles is a wise choice. Preventing slips in the bathroom be a concern especially  for elderly people who commonly trip over or lose balance, as the floor will be wet and slippery after a shower. There are many floor tiles with anti-slip properties available in many styles that don’t compromise the look of the room.

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