Kitchen Tiling

We provide quality tiling installation for your kitchen dining room

Our Tiling Services


We provide on-site measurement and assessment in order to give you the best practical advice on how to go about installing new tiles in your kitchen.

Hacking Works

We provide complete hacking services of any existing floor and wall finishes in your kitchen in order to prepare the surfaces to receive your new tiles.

Waterproofing Works

We provide professional waterproofing services to wet areas, complying with industry standards and practices to solve ceiling leakage issues.

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Kitchen Finishes

When it comes to the kitchen, installing tiles on surfaces gives a number of practical advantages. Tiles provide easy cleaning and maintenance after grease is generated from cooking activities, as opposed to raw or painted walls. Most tiles are also impervious to kitchen spills and splashes, which may happen from time to time.

When choosing tiles to install for your kitchen, one should always match them with any kitchen cabinets and other carpentry items to create a coherent look. Usually, one would either choose to contrast kitchen carpentry items with tiled surfaces or blend the two together. As much as kitchen finishes offers opportunities to give it a unique look, the choice of wall and floor tiles should match the overall design of the kitchen in relation to the rest of the house.

white themed kitchen

Floor to wall marble bathroom

subway backsplash

Bathroom wood tiles and pebble wash

stone floor kitchen

Horizontal subway wall tiles


Backsplash tiles provides an opportunity to play around with colour. It may be daunting, but a subtle pop in a neutral looking kitchen theme will do wonders to give your kitchen newfound character. Backsplash tiles with levels of details in tone and design are also popular additions which can draw attention to it.

Overlaying Tiles

If you have an existing tiled kitchen, overlaying new tiles over existing tiles on both floor and walls is also possible. Overlaying will bring cost savings of around 30% as opposed to hacking, which brings the inconvenience of noise and dust.

However, one needs to survey and check that all doors and fixtures allow for at least 10-15mm allowance for a raise in floor height.

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