Marble Flooring

We provide quality marble installation for your floors

Our Marble Flooring Services


We provide on-site measurement and assessment in order to give you the best practical advice on how to go about installing new tiles in your home.

Hacking Works

We provide complete hacking services of any existing floor and wall finishes in order to prepare the surfaces to receive your new tiles.

Restoration Works

Restore your marble to its original beauty and shine by getting rid of scratches from wear and use with our professional polishing services.

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Properties of marble floors

Marble’s main quality is that it allows an extremely high polish, which makes it look very smooth and reflective. Marble also tends to carry natural stone colours that enhance the tonal effect across the material. The colour of marble, together with its naturally translucent quality, makes marble appear to glow.

Due to its smooth nature when polished, marble may feel slippery in a kitchen or bathroom. If not properly sealed, it can also be easily scratched on the surface, which is difficult to repair. When it comes into contact with liquids or juices, your marble floor can be stained unless it is properly sealed.

Aesthetically, marble effortlessly expresses refinement and taste. For this reason, it is well-suited to classical or luxury design styles.

Marble Polishing

Marble flooring might start to look dull over time. Polishing your marble flooring with diamond encrusted pads helps to removed unwanted scratches and other imperfections, restoring your marble floor to its original beauty.

For marble which have crack lines or are partially chipped, marble restoration with epoxy is necessary to restore your marble floor visually.

Contemporary marble bathroom

Contemporary marble bathroom

Marble finish in home bar

Marble finish in home bar


Marble fusion living room


Marble is known to be a very durable flooring material that can easily last a lifetime, as evidenced by the number of the oldest buildings in the world which survived till today with its resplendent marble finishes.

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