Vinyl Flooring

We provide quality vinyl installation for your home office

Our Vinyl Flooring Services


We provide on-site measurement and assessment in order to give you the best practical advice on how to go about installing new tiles in your home.

Hacking Works

We provide complete hacking services of any existing floor and wall finishes in order to prepare the surfaces to receive your new tiles.

Waterproofing Works

We provide professional waterproofing services to wet areas, complying with industry standards and practices to solve ceiling leakage issues.

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Vinyl Tiles

Vinyl flooring has become an increasingly popular flooring option for many homes due to its relative affordability and large variety of different finishes that caters to various styles. Timber-effect vinyl can replicate the warmth of timber flooring, while stone-effect vinyl can recreate the tones of natural stone flooring.

Properties of vinyl

Vinyl is commonly used in commercial spaces as well as households as it is highly durable and sustains heavy foot traffic without visible wear and tear. It is also comfortable under foot and reduces walking noise. Maintenance is easy and replacement of vinyl tiles is easy and does not require hacking of floors.

However, vinyl does not carry heavy loads well and could be damaged by sharp objects. When exposed to direct sunlight, the colours can fade over time. Vinyl is therefore more suited for interiors than as an outdoor material.

Vinyl is a moisture-resistant floor material, one of its biggest advantages over other materials. As a result, you may install vinyl anywhere, even in areas like the kitchen or bathrooms. Vinyl does not let water seep in, and does not get damaged by water, making it an idea material for flooring in wet areas.

Scandinavian living room

Scandinavian living room

Contemporary living room

Oak-effect vinyl


Prior to installing vinyl tiles, the subfloor requires a smooth surface to prevent indentations from appearing on the floor. It is possible to lay a new layer of vinyl tiles over an existing layer of vinyl, as long as the existing layer is in reasonably good condition.


Vinyl is very easy to maintain and clean, as you do not require special cleaners and polishers. Regular sweeping, mopping and vacuum will suffice to maintain the surface in good condition.

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